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FMA Method Self-Defense provides practical, reality-based self-defense instruction in Atlanta, GA. At our academy you will learn Filipino martial arts with a focus on developing real, functional combat skills relevant to today’s society.

FMA Method Self-Defense was founded by Ilan Srulovicz as a result of two decades dedicated to studying the martial arts as well as the psychology behind violent attacks. A 3rd degree black belt and a recognized guro in the ancient Filipino art of eskrima, Ilan has developed a unique method of tailoring traditional Filipino martial arts to the realities of modern self-defense. Famously showcased in the Bourne Identity films, the Filipino martial arts are considered some of the most sophisticated and street-savvy martial arts ever devised. They encompass a comprehensive range of deadly armed and unarmed fighting skills that have been passed down from generation to generation in the Philippines.

At FMA Method we strongly believe in the value of cross-training and complement our Filipino martial arts base with training methodologies and principles from various other combat systems. The joint locks and off-balancing techniques from the Indonesian art of silat, the ground fighting from Brazilian jiu-jitsu, the striking from muay Thai, and the versatile grappling from Russian sambo are all added to our curriculum—resulting in a complete and highly potent combat cocktail tailor-made for the realities of modern self-defense.


Below is a demo representing Filipino Martial Arts (Doce Pares) performed by Guro Ilan and Grand Master Chris Bautista